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The #IvyEnvyGlobalGameWatch is an opportunity to meet other Cubs fans and Ivy Envy listeners who live in your area.  The event is on June 30th, during the Twins @ Cubs game.

If you're interested in hosting at a local bar/restaurant, click this link.  The hosting responsibilities are pretty minimal.  You find a location and give Cubs fans a place to meet.  Hosts will receive a free event shirt, and a package with other giveaways for the event.  


Here's how you get info on the game watch near you:

1. Use the interactive map below to find the location that is closest to you.

2. Join the Ivy Envy Global Game Watch Facebook Group

3. In the group, click on "Events" to RSVP to the event location you would like to attend.


For information on this event, listen to this episode of our podcast.

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